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Foreign Claims Handling Specialists

ICA Europe provides the following services:


Green Card & EU Motor Directive Claims Specialists

ICA reduce the cost of claims

  • The UK & Irish jurisdictions are amongst the most challenging and expensive claims markets for European Insurers.
  • ICA is a specialist in these jurisdictions and has seen how global solutions employed by Insurers throughout Europe can lead to an escalation of claims settlements in the UK & Ireland.
  • ICA has devised ground breaking and innovative solutions to reduce the cost of claims to its clients
  • Extensive knowledge of complex cross border claims and 4th Motor Insurance Directive claims


Specialist in cross-border claims handling

  • ICA handles travel policy claims, involving UK & Irish citizens injured abroad and European citizens injured whilst visiting the UK & Ireland.
  • As a specialist in cross-border claims, ICA is perfectly equipped to deal with the complicated challenges presented by travel claims. ICA also has relevant experience in recovery of medical expenses policy recourse claims.
holiday sickness claims

Holiday Sickness Claims

ICA provide proactive advice to protect European Insurers & their policyholders against this growth area in UK claims.

  • ICA is conversant with the Package Travel, Package Holidays & Package Tours Regulations 1992
  • Our specialist cross border claims handlers are experienced in detecting unjustified & exaggerated compensation claims
  • Talk to ICA today about how to protect your policyholders against Travel Sickness/Illness claims, and how to mitigate your exposure to such claims

Employers’ Liability

ICA can assist you with advice regarding local law and relevant damages

  • If your policyholder’s employee or agent suffers an injury in the UK or Ireland, whilst working for your Insured, ICA can assist you with advice regarding local law and relevant damages
  • ICA has a long and proud history of handling Employer’s Liability claims for both the UK and European Insurance Markets.

Public Liability

Experienced cross-border litigation team

  • Has your policyholder received a claim from a solicitor representing a UK or Irish citizen relating to an accident in the UK, Ireland or elsewhere within Europe?
  • ICA’s experienced cross-border litigation team will assist you in determining relevant jurisdiction for the claim and the value of any damages and costs that are payable.

Product Liability

Market leader in cross-border Product Liability

  • ICA has extensive experience of defending Product Liability claims for both UK and European Insurer clients.
  • ICA is a market leader in cross-border Product Liability claims and has, in recent years, successfully negotiated the removal of our Insurer clients and their policyholders from a number of expensive claims, (including a Personal Injury claim with a reserve of £40,000,000).

Injury Claim Specialists

ICA utilise our experience and innovative approach to injury claims

  • The UK & Ireland are litigious societies and “No Win – No Fee” litigation has accelerated the growth of personal injury claims since the commencement of the new Millennium.
  • The British Government is taking steps to arrest the continued growth of the compensation culture in the UK. Meanwhile ICA continue to utilise our experience and innovative approach to injury claims in these jurisdictions in order to mitigate the impact upon our clients.

Vehicle Damage

ICA has a network of qualified motor vehicle engineers at its disposal

  • If your policyholder’s vehicle is damaged whilst visiting the UK or Ireland, ICA has a network of qualified motor vehicle engineers at its disposal.
  • If you wish to arrange an engineering inspection of a third party vehicle we will be happy to facilitate that requirement through our engineering network and will expediently provide you with an engineering report accompanied by digital images

Business Interruption

ICA strive to settle claims in-house

  • With more than 60 years’ experience, ICA has a wealth of relevant experience & expertise in the handling of Business Interruption and Loss of Earnings claims
  • In addition to Personal Injury, Employer’s Liability, Product Liability or Public Liability claims, ICA is also vastly experienced in handling Business Interruption and Loss of Earnings claims
  • ICA strives to settle these claims in-house. Where that is not achievable we utilise our network of Forensic Experts


A long history handling property claims

  • Intercontinental Adjusters Limited was incorporated in 1953 as a loss adjusting company dealing with property claims for the Lloyds and Company Markets in London.
  • We have a long and distinguished 60 year history of success in the handling of property claims for UK and European Insurers.

Recourse Claims

We always make sure your back is covered

  • ICA regularly recovers outlays for Insurers and Uninsured Losses for private clients.
  • If you have an unsatisfied claim against a UK party, contact us and we will recover your losses for you for a competitive handling fee.